Governor Brown has until Sunday night to set a national tone of fairness, compassion, and inclusion by signing these measures, which directly impact millions of Californians, especially immigrant communities and Latinos.

WHAT: Major rally in support of legislative measures that support and encourage diversity and fair working conditions in California.  
WHEN: Saturday, September 29, 2012, 12:00pm
WHERE: MacArthur Park, Los Angeles, on Wilshire Blvd. and South Parkview Street
WHO: Assemblyman Tom Ammiano; California Domestic Workers CoalitionNational Day Laborer Organizing NetworkBend the Arc; labor, immigrant and civil rights organizations from across the state; individuals impacted by the legislation awaiting Governor’s signature; and musical groups: Los Jornaleros del Norte, Cuauhtemoc, El Son del Centro, La ChambaOlmeca, and the legendary Los Cadetes de Linares    
VISUALS: Big vibrant banners, the AltoArizona and No Papers No Fear Art Exhibit, domestic worker flash mob dance with brooms, cooking utensils and strollers, the Undocubus painted with butterflies and “No Papers No Fear”

Available for Interview:

Jose Ucelo Gonzalez is an Orange County day laborer who’s unscrupulous employer falsely reported him to the police instead of paying him for his day’s work. All charges against Jose were dropped but Jose had already been issued an immigration detainer and is now facing the possibility of deportation and separation from his 10-month-old son.

Patricia Lopez worked for many years caring for children and an elderly person in her employer’s home. In January, the child she cared for pushed her down the stairs and she became unconscious.  The employer waited 20 minutes before calling the . To this day, Patricia suffers from severe back pain.  Unable to work, Patricia was fired by her employer and is about to lose her home. 

Andrea worked as a San Fernando Valley domestic worker for over 8 years.  She worked 18 hour days caring for her employer’s 3 children and cleaning their home but was only paid for 8 hours each day.  She also suffered sexual harassment from her employer at a previous job. A single mother, Andrea continues to work as a domestic worker in order to support her family. 

Blanca Perez is a mother and ice cream vendor in Los Angeles who was placed into deportation proceedings after the Se Communities program placed an ICE hold on her when she was arrested by Los Angeles police for selling her ice cream within 500 feet of a school.

Additional profiles available upon request.


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