Start Legalization-First by Suspending Deportations
Washington, DC – July 11, 2013
In wake of GOP announcement on immigration reform, Salvador G. Sarmiento, national organizer for the National Day Laborer Organizing Network, issued the following statement:
We need real progress in Washington, not fingerpointing. It is not enough for the President or Democrats to blame Republicans for obstruction of immigration reform when the administration is itself deporting record numbers of potential citizens.  
There is an easy step for Democrats to take if they want to disprove the accusation from Republicans that they are playing politics with reform. The President can expand the relief granted to Dream-eligible youth and suspend deportations. Students have shown that with deferred action comes the benefit of an increase in participation in the debate by those who are at its center. Suspending deportations will grant real relief to the potential citizens who live in fear of being taken from their homes and reject the decades long failure of enforcement-first logic. “

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