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Monday, June 12, 2023
Contact: Erik Villalobos,, Salvador Reza,, (602) 446-9928

NDLON Releases Original Music from Day Laborer & Singer-Songwriter in Phoenix, Arizona

El Cantautor Macehualli: Antonio Laguna

(Los Angeles) Radio Jornalera– a national online radio and media project of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON), has produced and released an album from Antonio Laguna. Antonio is a day laborer who currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona.  He is known for his powerful musical compositions that uplift the indigenous identity of the Macehualli day laborers and the struggle of migrants in the United States. Macehualli is a Nahuatl word for day laborer, or worker; “those who deserve for their work.” Los que merecen por su trabajo.

“Laguna represents Tezcatlipoca, the ancestral memory weaving itself through his voice to the daily struggle of the Macehualli, now known as jornaleros, on this ancestral land struggling for liberation.” said Salvador Reza, well renowned civil rights activist in Arizona & close friend of Laguna

“Antonio contrasts and reconciles our ancestral history with our present of precariousness and oppression through his Macehuali song. But with his singing, he also rescues what we have always been: descendants of the indigenous peoples. Antonio proudly shows us that we are indigenous people who belong to this land since times immemorial.” said Pablo Alvarado, NDLON Co-Executive Director. “Throughout his life, Antonio has shared his wisdom, his work, his songs, and his love with the Macehuali people. Now, he needs us. Antonio is currently in stage 4 cancer, and despite having worked hard in construction for most of his life, he is struggling to cover the expenses of his medicines and medical treatment.”

Laguna, 72, is in need of support as he continues to suffer from stage 4 cancer. In addition to releasing his music, NDLON has also created a GoFundMe donation page to seek financial assistance in support of the Phoenix day laborer and singer-songwriter.

Listen to Music (Available Monday on Spotify & all Music Streaming Platforms):

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