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March 17, 2016
Contact: SG Sarmiento, 

NDLON Reaction to House Vote to Submit Brief in US v. Texas

Washington, DC—In response to the U.S. House of Representatives’ vote today to submit an amicus brief to the Supreme Court in US v. Texas, a case in which Texas and other states question President Obama’s authority to grant deferred action for some undocumented immigrants, Jessica Karp Bansal, Litigation Director at the National Day Laborers Organizing Network (NDLON) made following statement:

“Today’s vote has nothing to do with the Constitution and everything to do with the Republican Party’s Trump-like strategy to build political power by fomenting anger, division, and xenophobia.

“It is hard to remember, but there was once a time when Congress actually passed legislation rather than devising ever more clever ways to politically attack the President. That prior legislation, along with the Constitution itself, clearly gives the Executive branch the authority to provide common sense protections for immigrants who are a fundamental part of our society and economy.

“Today’s political stunt, and Speaker Ryan’s laughable claim that it is about law rather than politics, shows only that House Republicans have reached a new low worthy of their Party’s current front-running Presidential candidate.”


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