A group of Napa Valley College students carrying signs that read “Obama Stop All Deportations Now!” and shouting “Not one more!” gathered on the First Street overpass over Highway 29 during rush hour Thursday to demand an end to deportations. The students and residents who gathered late in the afternoon said they came in solidarity with other organizations in California to demand immigration reform as President Obama visits the state for a few days. They were particularly protesting the deportations of thousands of undocumented immigrants every year who have not committed any crimes. “We want change to happen,” said Eduardo Rivera, 18, a 2012 Napa High School graduate. Rivera, who was born in Mexico, said he is no longer afraid to speak up. “We need to go out on the street and speak up for what we believe in, fight for justice and equal rights,” said Rivera, who wants to become a math teacher. “I consider myself American in every way,” said Rivera, who has been in the United Sta…

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