Events around the country include: 
(Emails and Phone numbers for contact use only, not for publication)
• March 8th – Boyle Heights, California 
                       Nashville, TN 
• March 10th – Atlanta, Georgia 
• March 10th – Chicago, Illinois 
• March 11th – Phoenix, Arizona 
• March 12th – Nashville, TN
• March 13th – Detroit, Michigan 
• March 15th – San Fernando Valley, California
• March 16th – Addison, Illinois 
• March 17th – Tucson, Arizona
• March 20th – Boston, Massachussetts
• March 25th – Columbus, OH 
• March 28th – South Los Angeles, California 
• March 30th – San Gabriel Valley 
Events nation-wide will give a face to those impacted by the immigration debate, demonstrate the power of community organizing. The events are part of a national push to make the first step on the path to citizenship a moratorium on the approximately 1,400 daily deportations that continue as the immigration debate proceeds.