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NDLON: Less Leaks, More Action from White House

Support for Senate Bill Can Start with Including its Beneficiaries in Executive Action

In reaction to rumors reported by Fox News and the New York Times and comments during the White House Press Briefing, Pablo Alvarado, Executive Director of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network issued statement from Washington DC:

“We need less leaks and more action from within the White House. As far as we’re concerned, the rumors reported in the Times and by Fox change nothing. They are rumors. For well over a decade, immigrants have been harmed by trial balloons, false promises, and a poisonous political environment in Washington DC that reduces migrant lives to pawns in partisan games.

We call upon the President to provide work authorization minimally to those who would qualify for the Senate bill. Today, Josh Earnest said President Obama would sign it were the House to pass it. The same standard that the President is using to judge the House is the standard that immigrants will use to judge executive action. Will the President build upon, or undermine, the bipartisan Senate bill framework?

We call upon President Obama to fully end the Se Communities program which has been a catastrophic failure that caused the Arizonification of the country.

And we call upon the President to meet immediately with undocumented immigrants and those who are most impacted by, and therefore most expert on, the status quo.

Immigrant rights have been held hostage by failed political maneuvers for too long. Those who have forced this debate to the forefront of the national agenda have done so through struggle and sacrifice, through courageous civil disobedience, protest, and lawsuits that seek refuge in federal courts. In addition to doing necessary work for the US economy, immigrants have taken on the work of defending cherished national values. And we will keep fighting until immigrants achieve full equality. The President can see to it that we wait not one more day. Until then, we keep fighting.

MEDIA AVAILABILITY: Pablo Alvarado is available in Washington, DC.

Additionally today, NDLON filed suit against the Department of Homeland Security to halt deportations and expand relief to the fullest extent under the law.
More Details on the suit can be found at


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