Ray Garrett makes sure he keeps a close eye on his fuel gauge. For now, his daily income depends on it. Garrett, 34, lost a steady job in April when, after problems at work, he left his employer. Now, in between filling out applications, Garrett makes daily commutes to Labor Finders in Anniston in search of daily labor. A month ago, Garrett was considered a permanent employee. Now he lives from day to day, not knowing whether he will make a living. He isn’t the only one. They are familiar faces to him – the same men and women who stand in line with him every morning and hope. They are all accustomed to greeting the morning in darkness, to waking before the sun has a chance to warm the ground. Some of them load up their cars with building supplies; others take extra time to ensure their shirts are crisp and clean. When they walk out their doors, however, they all have the same goal: find a job.

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