Customers streamed out of the Home Depot parking lot, a fleet of vehicles from shiny four-wheel drive Cadillac Escalades to new Ford pickup trucks laden with cuts of lumber and stacks of drywall, appliances and gardening supplies. A small group of day laborers clustered around the exit. Jose Perez, 22, and about a dozen other men whistled, waved and shouted at passing vehicles, hoping to get some work. They’ll do just about anything, Perez said, from landscaping to putting together a swing set. He looked concerned but resilient. He said he hadn’t found work in several days. Then a gray Lexus rolled to a stop and an electric window slid down. The driver extended a manid finger in Perez’s direction, her blonde perm hardly moving above large, dark sunglasses. “I need someone who can do cabinets!” she shouted, and a group of five men scrambled toward the passenger side door.

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