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Friday, September 8, 2023
Contact: Erik Villalobos,

Day laborer Network Responds to Mayor Adams

(New York, NY) At his most recent town hall meeting on the Upper West Side, Democratic Mayor Eric Adams made aggressive claims about immigrants, saying that this issue will “destroy New York City,” referring to the buses of migrants being sent to NYC by ultra rightwing Governors Greg Abbott and Ron Desantis.

In response to Mayor Eric Adams’ claims about migrants arriving in New York City, NDLON Co-Executive Director Nadia Marin Molina made the following statement:

“NYC’s problems are not caused by migrants, we’re not your scapegoats. They likely have more to do with inadequate planning and budgeting, including the decision to allot $5.4 billion to over-police communities of color and intimidate protestors.

“More than that, in a moment when our city and our country needs grounded leadership and moral courage, these hyperbolic statements only serve the GOP’s efforts to incite and inflame anti-immigrant racism.  They play perfectly into the political strategies of GOP politicians fighting over their own party leadership.

“Mayor Adams, the flailing arms strategy has not worked.  It’s time for Democrats in leadership, starting with Mayor Adams and President Biden, to regain their composure and take the reins of the migration debate from the mouths of fanatics and political opportunists.”