Jose Ucelo Gonzalez sought an honest day’s work and compensation as many do outside an Anaheim Home Depot on Brookhurst Street and Crescent Avenue in March. The day laborer was hired by Michael Tebb, an Anaheim employer who used “Nick” as an alias, for a job in Garden Grove that unfortunately set in motion circumstances that now have him facing deportation from the country and separation from his 10-month old son. Ucelo and community supporters gathered today at Tebb’s residence in Anaheim near the day laborer site to serve a summons for a lawsuit against him. It contends that the jornalero was falsely reported for robbery to Garden Grove police on March 9, 2012 by his boss to avoid being paid for his 10-hour workday. Ucelo had also called police to report wage theft, but only he was detained in the dispute. Tebb was not.

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