In response to today’s hearing, Chris Newman, legal director for the National Day Laborer Organizing Network, issued the following statement:

“Ironically, the misguided opposition from the Sheriffs’ Association today precisely proves the need for the TRUST Act.  In asserting that the TRUST Act “conflicts” with federal law, the sheriffs simply demonstrated their inability or unwillingness to understand even the most basic aspects of federal immigration law and proved the need for remedial statewide legislation.

“It is clear to all that ICE’s failed Se Communities deportation program has harmed public safety and imperiled civil rights.  It is equally clear from the Sheriffs’ Association’s opposition today why California must establish clear, bright-line rules of the road to repair the damage.

“The Sheriffs’ Association’s testimony today should ring alarm bells for people who want to avoid the Arizonification of California.   Setting a baseline standard guiding responses to voluntary immigration hold requests will help California’s sheriffs protect our communities and respect civil rights.

We call on Jerry Brown to make good on his promise to sign the TRUST Act without delay.”



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