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Thursday, July 7, 2022


“Are there no Leahy protections for human rights abuses committed at home?”

In response to Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s order targeting immigrants across the state, NDLON Campaign Director S.G. Sarmiento released the following statement:

“President Biden must act now to hit the off-switch on deportation programs in Texas. While using the cover of federal immigration enforcement, Greg Abbott threatens all non-white working families in Texas, immigrant and non immigrant alike.

“Abbott is consolidating a pro apartheid police state, threatening violence and enabling extremists. If this occurred abroad, the Leahy law would cut off US funding and support enabling such abuses. And yet the US Department of Homeland Security continues to provide support and training for Texas police and sheriffs being weaponized against our communities. Are there no Leahy protections for human rights abuses committed at home?

“As soon as Greg Abbott and the Texas legislature advanced the brazen use of discriminatory law enforcement, of racial profiling, of unlawful detention, to advance a racist agenda, DHS should have ended its jail and deportation agreements with Texas law enforcement. Instead, Texas has become the new laboratory for politicizing law enforcement for a nativist agenda.

“Today, Greg Abbott doubles down on this xenophobic violence as electoral strategy. We know this Trumpian script all too well. The question is whether President Biden and DHS Secretary Mayorkas will continue to play along, or if they will finally make clear that Greg Abbott has zero interest or authority to enforce immigration law.”


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