When word got out that President Obama was scheduled to attend a donor lunch at a private residence in an exclusive Los Angeles neighborhood, activists set out to greet him. After paying $32,400, at least one of the activists, Paul Scott, managed to wrangle an invitation to the event. But as soon as the organizers got wind of Scott’s activism — he is an electric car advocate – his invitation was politely revoked and his $32K was returned. But unlike Scott who managed to get an invitation, albeit temporarily, hundreds of other activists planned to have their voices heard without paying a dime. They assembled within earshot of the residence where the luncheon was to take place the morning of the event. Standing at the corner of San Vincente and 26th, hundreds rallied to express their dissatisfaction with Obama’s deportation record. Then just a few feet away, a smaller group of environmental activists voiced opposition to the Keystone Pipeline XL.

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