“Sheriff Baca is sending more people in his jails to deportation than to state prison.* The shocking statistics are absolute proof of the dangerous criminalization of immigrants that occurs when local law enforcement becomes fused with immigration authorities. Such policies mutate public servants into monsters doing the dirty work of deportation. In light of the revelations in the report, the Sheriff must immediately suspend collaborating with ICE hold requests and stop holding peaceful immigrants in extended incarceration.”

*14% people in LASD custody are transferred to ICE, while only 13% are transferred to state prison.

NDLON recently rallied calling on the Sheriff to end his participation in the deportation dragnet program, Se Communities, which is mainly responsible for the outrageous statistics cited in the report and calling for passage of the California TRUST Act proposed by Assm. Ammiano which would protect California residents and restore trust in law enforcement by setting a minimum standard for local governments not to submit to ICE’s requests to detain people for deportation unless the individual has a serious or violent felony conviction.

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