The hard truth is that the President has hindered instead of helped progress on immigration thus far. His actions have torn apart families and poisoned the immigration debate. His Administration is about to reach an appalling record two million deportations — unless he reverses course.

For six years, we have responded to the President’s State of the Union Address by saying that actions speak louder than words. Today, the President had few words and no new actions to offer. The fact that he is still summarizing the same immigration talking points raises the question whether he see immigration reform as a political football or a potential accomplishment.

If President Obama wants to close a widening credibility gap on immigration, he must take concrete action immediately. In overseeing record deportations, he has taken an enormous political gamble at an untold cost for immigrant families. In the coming weeks we will continue to demand change to what everyone agrees is an unjust status quo—and we will watch the President’s actions closely.”


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