The so-called “Se Communities” program is starting to be rolled out state-by-state. It went into effect in New Hampshire last week without much fanfare. Officials said the program starts when police take fingerprints. Those prints are routinely sent to the FBI. Now the FBI must share those fingerprints with the Department of Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement division to check for illegal immigrants. While some in the public are unhappy with the idea, many in the government seem at peace with it. The governor’s office said the state routinely shares data with the federal government, and many police departments have said it doesn’t change what they do at all. Demonstrators stood on the steps of the federal building in Manchester to protest the program. “The problem with this is it leads to an increased possibility of racial profiling, an increased possibility that police might pick people up and charge them with something just to get their fingerprints…”

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