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Thursday, July 29, 2021
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NDLON: It is time for Pres. Biden to right a historical wrong

Los Angeles, CA—In reaction to President Biden’s statement tonight pledging to advance immigration reform through reconciliation, NDLON Co-Executive Director Pablo Alvarado said:

“Words and promises are not enough. To the contrary. This country has put immigrants through hell. It has put many in their graves. The deprivation of equal rights to millions of citizens-in-waiting and to millions more of their families is a disgrace that will be shamed by history, and we all bare responsibility. But Democrats hold a unique responsibility, even with their slim majority, following the most anti-immigrant presidency in our lifetime. It is time for Democrats to demonstrate an ability to govern and a commitment to their stated values.

“Quite literally every single immigrant who worked during this pandemic should be given an open door for immediate adjustment of status. It is time for President Biden to right a historical wrong and to demonstrate leadership. In the days ahead, we pledge to do everything we can to assist the Biden administration as it works with the urgency required to get the job done.”