JOHN AND Zulymar Rios, 6 and 9, were among undocumented immigrants’ children who rallied yesterday at City Hall to urge city officials to abandon a collaboration with the feds that leads to deportation. In fact, John and Zulymar were the only children there whose parents are not facing deportation. Their father was granted a special visa after he was pistol-whipped in 2010 by Philadelphia police who suspected him of harboring a suspect in his North Philly home. "The police thought my dad was a criminal, and they took him and hit him with their guns in the face and arrested him while my mom and us went inside to the kitchen," recalled Zulymar. "They said if we didn’t shut up they would arrest my mom." As an undocumented Mexican immigrant, their father was held for several days to face immigrant-status scrutiny alongside his criminal charges because of a Preliminary Arraignment Reporting System

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