We are plaintiffs in the suit against Georgia because the people of Georgia are suffering. Mothers are afraid to take their children to school. Children fear that they may not see their parents when they return. And prejudiced police feel entitled to abuse their powers in the ugliest of ways.

But the truth is that, that fear has existed in Georgia before HB87 was introduced.  The federal government created it with its own immigration programs. 287(g) and Se Communities. HB87 is the trophy of the anti-immigrants. They all have the same impact no matter what you call it.

If  DHS can end 287(g) in Sheriff Arpaio’s Maricopa County, Why not in Georgia?

If DHS can stop the expansion of S-Comm in Alabama because of HB 56, why not in Georgia?

Why not in Georgia?

The civil rights crisis in this state is real. It’s history is long. It did not start and it will not end with HB 87, unless we stop it. 

The Court of Appeals can and must defend our constitutional rights, but it is the President of the United States who can end the state of hate in Georgia with the stroke of a pen.

Across the state of Georgia, GLAHR is organizing. HB87 did not send us running in fear. It made it so we could no long afford to be afraid. Aquí estamos y no nos vamos!

Humble people are challenging prejudiced police and facing deportation to protect the constitution and defend our rights. We are no longer afraid of the risks. We ask that the President match our courage and do the right thing. 

Stop HB 87. 287(g). And Terminate S-Comm. And do it Now!

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