USCIS Reminds Individuals Affected by Hurricane Sandy of Temporary Immigration Relief Measures

Source: U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) reminds customers affected by Hurricane Sandy of certain U.S. immigration benefits or relief that may be available to them. USCIS understands that a natural disaster can affect an individual’s ability to maintain lawful immigration status or obtain certain other immigration benefits. Eligible individuals may request or apply…

Day Laborers Will Be Key to Recovery After the Storm

When storms like Sandy strike we are reminded of how much we need each other and of how dependent on each other we are for our own wellbeing. Bearing down for the storm exposes our uneven resources and the fragility of our daily lives. Making it through demonstrates our resilience and shows us the monumental task of rebuilding.

What will it take to recover from the super storm that struck the East Coast? How do we repair after a disaster? Downed power lines, empty gas tanks, see flooded tunnels, destroyed homes, lost family members: No one could have predicted what Sandy would do to places completely unaccustomed to that type of weather.

As the region gets ready for recovery one thing is true. Day laborers, migrant, and low-wage workers will be key to rebuilding New York and other affected areas. The workers who lend their labor to homeowners and contractors on a daily basis are gathering at worker centers and at street corner hiring sites, ready and available to help those in need of relief.

Working for Professional Grade Construction was a death sentence for Winston Gillette.

Written by Jessica Acee, Board member of the Workers Justice Project.

 A vigil was held September 25th for Winston Gillette, a construction worker killed 2 weeks ago when the roof of the building he was working on caved in on him.  That building, located at 227 Carlton Ave in Brooklyn’s Fort Green neighborhood, was under construction by Professional Grade Construction company.   To date, the company has not issued an apology.

Developing Workforce Development

Day laborers of La Jolla, seek Pasadena center, order Mountain View center, Williamsburg and Bay Parkway had received the workforce development trainings. The three key themes, which are a priority to the women and men day laborers, are: Branding and marketing, customer satisfaction and work ethics. Through various activities bases on popular education methodology day laborers learn and share experiences on this three topics. Due to the bad economy and the high unemployment rate in the nation day laborers had been force to increased and implement new marketing strategies to attract new employers. The workforce branding and marketing work helps day laborers learn basic elements on creating a marketing plan. It also teaches how to develop a brand strategy for day laborer centers. Finally the marketing work provides the 6 marketing strategies that can realistically implemented at a center creating ownership of the marketing strategy among day laborers.