Day laborers pledge to continue fight against discriminatory law at community level, Look to California for Alternate Direction
September 18. Phoenix, AZ.
In response to the lifting of the injunction against section 2b, the racial profiling provision of Arizona's SB1070, Pablo Alvarado, the director of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network, issued the following statement,
"Laws requiring people to be judged by the color of their skin have no place in the US.  Not today and not ever.  While courts have yet to stop all of SB1070, all of us who believe in human rights and cherished constitutional values have an obligation to do everything we can to ensure that Arizona's current lawmakers are on the losing side of history.
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Mary Rose Wilcox, Pastor Stewart, Puente, ACLU Cite Pending Humanitarian Crisis, Call for Suspension of Secure Communities, Termination of All 287(g) Agreements in Arizona


PHOENIX, 6/27/2012 -- In the wake of the Supreme Court ruling in the Department of Justice SB1070 case that allowed section 2B, the racial profiling section of the law to move forward, more than one hundred Arizona-based organizations and notable individuals sent a letter calling on the state's former governor, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano, to end DHS' collaboration with Arizona to prevent a pending "humanitarian crisis."

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Following the Supreme Court’s ruling on Arizona’s controversial state immigration law, S.B. 1070, Pablo Alvarado, Executive Director of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network, issued the following statement:

“The court’s ruling in part confirms what we have said since the beginning: Arizona’s war of attrition against immigrants is not only inhumane, it’s also unconstitutional. However, allowing the racial profiling section to go forward poses a great risk to the constitution the court is charged to defend and to the Arizona families who will be targeted if it goes into effect. 

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Powerhouse Hip-Hop Star Headlines Mothers' Day Concert for Human Rights

What: Women in Resistance AltoArizona Hip-Hop Concert with Ana Tijoux, Cihuatl Ce, and all Female Mariachi
Where: Puente Movement Office. 1306 E Van Buren. Phoenix, AZ. 
When: 6:00pm - 10:00pm, May 13, 2012.
Cost: $5 Donation

May 04, 2012. Phoenix, AZ - South American Hip-Hop star and Grammy-nominated artist, Ana Tijoux, will perform a Women in Resistance AltoArizona concert with Puente and NDLON to protest anti-immigrant policies in Arizona and to honor mothers who are part of the powerful human rights movement in the state. 

The rising star will offer the donation-based concert as part of her fourth US tour. She will be joined by local act Cihuatl Ce. 

The daughter of Chilean exiles who fled Pinochet's dictatorship, Tijoux relates personally to the situation in Maricopa County. The concert is the next in the AltoArizona series hosted by Puente Arizona and the National Day Laborer Organizing Network after September's Manu Chao performance.
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05.10.2012 Washington, DC. In response to the Department of Justice announcement that it will be suing Sheriff Arpaio of Maricopa County in its civil rights case against him, the National Day Laborer Organizing Network released the following statements,

Chris Newman, legal director states, "It is very clear a dispute has broken out between the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security, and it's forcing a dilemma for the White House. The DOJ is arriving late to a civil rights crime scene caused in large part by the Department of Homeland Security.  Janet Napolitano got Arpaio his immigration badge when she was Governor, and rather than correct her mistake as Secretary of DHS, she chose to create more Arpaio's by expanding the dangerous "Secure Communities" (SCOMM) program throughout the country.  
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05.10.2012 Phoenix, AZ. In response to the DOJ announcement that it will be suing Sheriff Arpaio after negotiations in its civil rights case failed and the Sheriff's subsequent promise to appeal in what will be lengthy court proceedings, Carlos Garcia of Puente Arizona released the following statement:

"While suing and investigating the Sheriff's office, the federal government should end its own role in his historic violations of civil rights. We need immediate relief in Arizona not lengthy courtroom theater. As the Sheriff continues in office and SB1070's supreme court decision looms ahead, the Administration has to decide whether it will continue to be an accomplice to racial profiling and family separation in Arizona or whether it will shut off programs like Secure Communities that are at the center of Arpaio's crimes."

Puente Arizona is a Phoenix-based human rights organization leading the effort to bring Sheriff Arpaio to justice and restore rights in Maricopa County by ending police/ICE collaboration.


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Events in Phoenix, Elsewhere Protest SB1070 and Similar Federal Deportation Programs

April 23, 2012. Phoenix, AZ.
Groups across the country are preparing for the Supreme Court hearing of the Department of Justice's suit against SB1070 on Wednesday.  The Arizona bill passed in 2010 made the state synonymous with racial profiling and marred its reputation as a 'capitol of prejudice.' While the majority of the bill has been enjoined and has yet to go into effect, Arizona communities and local groups in other states claim to be experiencing the bills intent, "attrition through enforcement," as a result of similar federal immigration policies.  

On Wednesday the 25th, events will be held in cities across the country to call on the Supreme Court to strike down SB1070 and call on the federal government to terminate similar federal deportation programs, such as the failed "Secure Communities" program, that enlist local law enforcement as "force multipliers" in immigration law.  In multiple cities, groups are pushing for local solutions that restore trust in law enforcement that has been eroded by immigration policies.

"Neither state laws nor the federal government can enlist our local law enforcement in the dirty work of deportation," explains Sarahí Uribe of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network. "As the Supreme Court hears the Department of Justice's suit against SB1070, all of our cities are faced with the responsibility to show that we will not be another Arizona. Most cities understand our families belong together, it's police and ICE that should be separated."

Carlos Garcia of Puente Arizona added, "In Arizona we're facing a human rights crisis. The government's persistent collaboration with Sheriff Arpaio despite his notorious profiling is reinforcing the climate of hate that SB1070 sought to create and is recreating it across the country through its own deportation policies. We're protesting for a new day in Arizona. As the Supreme Court deliberates, the jury for us is already in. SB1070 and similar federal policies need to be struck down."  

Visit for information and contacts for actions in Boston, Hartford, Washington, DC, Phoenix, Dallas, Homestead, FL, and Knoxville, TN among others.
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Supreme Court Should Strike Down Arizona Bill, Local March to Call for End to Similar Federal Programs.




Who: A Wide Coalition of Organizations 

When: April 25th. March to begin at 3pm Arizona Time.

Where: Opening Rally at Civic Space Park


March: Highlighting Phoenix PD, Federal Courthouse, 4th Ave Jail, Wells Fargo Tower, Immigration and Customs Enforcement and returning to Civic Space Park.


On April 25th, the Supreme Court will hear arguments in the Department of Justice lawsuit against the state of Arizona's SB1070. At the same time, communities in Arizona will come together to participate in a march to protest against the state bill and call for an end to both state and federal policies that erode civil rights, promote racial profiling, and enable local law enforcement such as Sheriff Arpaio to use immigration policy to enforce their prejudice.


Carlos Garcia of Puente states, “With SB1070 Arizona declared a war of attrition on immigrants. What was started in Arizona quickly lead to the Arizonificaiton of this country, one that treats undocumented immigrants as criminals and treats all Latinos as undocumented.”    


Opal Tometi of Black Alliance For Just Immigration explains, "April 25th doesn't just mark a decision for the Supreme Court. The human rights violations now plain as day in Arizona create a moral dilemma for all of us. We will be marching because we refuse to live another day in Attrition. We ask that all those who believe you should not be judged by the color of your skin to join us in turning the tide from hate to a new day for human rights."


Diana Perez of Puente relates, "Maricopa County has been in a human rights crisis created by both state and federal policies that we've only seen spread in the past two years. On April 25th we'll be marching to say that we will not comply with the hate contained in SB1070. The Supreme Court should strike down 1070 and the federal government should re-evaluate its embrace of Arizona-style policies."

Facebook event at



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Salvador Reza of the Puente Movement responded to today's Department of Justice settlement for access to records in Sheriff Arpaio's office with the following statement.
"Nearly three years after the beginning of their investigation, the Department of Justice should be intervening in Maricopa county not just investigating. The people of Maricopa have been living with a likely criminal at the head of our law enforcement for years and it's time for relief. The County Sheriff's Office should be placed under receivership without delay. Anything less than immediate intervention in our human rights crisis makes President Obama and former Governor Napolitano accomplices in the reign of terror- and likely criminal behavior- of Sheriff Joe Arpaio."

The Department of Homeland Security which empowers Sheriff Arpaio through its ICE Access programs has recently come under fire for the expansion of Arpaio-style policies throughout the country through the "Secure Communities" program. The agency has been accused of emulating the lack of transparency and discriminatory practices under investigation in the office of Sheriff Arpaio. As a result, the DHS' spread of Arpaio-style policies is also coming under investigation by the OIG and is facing a growing call for an end to ICE Access programs that entangle local police in immigration laws.

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Phoenix, AZ. In response to the Governor of Arizona pressing her countersuit to defend SB 1070, Pablo Alvarado, Director of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network, a litigant in the injunction suit against SB 1070 issued the following statement:
“Like Governor Wallace before her, Governor Brewer is choosing to stand on the wrong side of history with her defense of unconstitutional, regressive, and immoral legislation.
Brewer will lose in court and in the court of public opinion. Any short term political gain by scapegoating Americans in waiting will be offset in droves by future generations in Arizona who will have been inspired to wipe away the stain on the state caused by her repugnant, unconstitutional, and anti-American nativist crusade.
Yet, like a driver who refuses to admit they’re lost, the Governor refuses to turn around.
Governor Brewer’s inability to govern and failure to provide real solutions to the state’s problems will no longer be shielded by the diversion created by her spectacle of scapegoating.”
The Governor’s countersuit today precedes another event in court. Tomorrow, on the anniversary of the implementation of SB 1070, local leader Salvador Reza of the Puente Movement as well as Peter Morales, President of the Unitarian Universalist Association, will face trial for their act of conscience that prevented Sheriff Arpaio’s raids on last July 29th....

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