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Student Toolkit: ICE out of schools, colleges, universities, and technical institutes!!

#SanctuaryCampus #ICEoutofSchools

ICE out of all schools, colleges, universities, and technical institutes!!

The last ten years have seen an unprecedented expansion of immigration enforcement programs seeking to entangle themselves with local and state institutions to advance unjust deportations. School officials and campus police departments have also been targeted and most are already sending information to US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). If ICE has already acted like a rogue agency in the past, the election of Donald Trump makes it urgent to enact and defend strong campus sanctuary policies.

The tools below can provide some guidance, including ICE's own policy, background info, and model language. For over a decade, NDLON has worked with immigrant communities across the country in advancing local policies to reject ICE collusion with local law enforcement.



ICE detention requests have (repeatedly) been found unconstitutional.

Federal courts have ruled various times about the unconstitutionality of ICE's warrantless detainer requests ("ICE holds"). This is a recent court ruling, by a federal court based in IL. 

 Model City Policy 


In early 2016, a father of six US citizen children, including a US Marines Veteran, was stopped by Cal State Long Beach campus police for a broken headlight. Jose Alvarez was transferred to ICE because of a 21-year old conviction (for which he served time), and deported within 7 hours. Jose's family has launched a campaign to bring back their father and make this doesn't happen again. And the CSU community continues to demand more from its administration to ensure this cannot happen again.

Sign-on your organization to demand President Obama #BringJoseBack      

Cal State University Chancellor's Memo 

Letter from CSU President & General Order 55


Growing movement calls universities to limit their cooperation with federal immigration enforcement

Cal State University system to protect undocumented immigrants

LA students ask their mayor to defy Trump by building a model sanctuary city 

OPED: UC San Diego needs a strong sanctuary campus policy 

CSULB's general order 55 made permanent 

Student groups demand UCSD become a sanctuary campus 

Breitbart on sanctuary 

Connect with other students 


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