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NDLON Responds to New Endorsements of CA Values Act

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June 19, 2017

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NDLON Responds to New Endorsements of CA Values Act


Los Angeles, CA – On Monday, CA Senate Leader Kevin de Leon hosted a press conference with former US Attorney General Eric Holder, and LAPD Chief Charlie Beck, and other Statewide Law Enforcement officials to express their support for the California values act (SB-54).


In response, Chris Newman, NDLON’s Legal Director of NDLON issued the following statement:

“California’s SB54 (The Values Act, Senator de Leon) serves as a model for state and local governments that are trying to kick Trump’s deportation force out of their communities.   As President Trump and his top advisors continue to convert racist rhetoric into policy, ICE is increasingly becoming a danger to public safety.  ICE Director Homan’s deplorable testimony last week was evidence of this fact.  Particularly because the Trump administration openly boasts of terrorizing immigrants, local governments have a duty to take actions that protect their communities.   California’s SB54 will improve public safety for all residents while protecting civil rights that have come under assault.    Finally, it is encouraging to see former Attorney General Eric Holder, formerly the chief law enforcement officer for the Obama Administration, evolve on this issue.  We hope other law enforcement officials will follow his lead.”


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